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to empower individuals, organizations and governments with blockchain technology.


Civis Blockchain

is an association that is created as a citizens response to protect privacy and data ownership regarding digital and smart developments. Together with a group legal, finance and technology experts Civis Blockchain has written a white-paper.

The white-paper shared the vision of Civis regarding value created by citizens in the form of data, and how it should be owned by the citizens themselves. The solution was mentioned as giving citizens the ability and power to manage their own data. We developed the initial proposal for a solution being : The creation of a decentralised territorial blockchain network, with a local and autonomous governance supported by a global cooperative society as the chain of responsibility and accountability.

This resulted from the need that we saw, that developments that are operated by private companies and funded through local authorities, often do not consider the needs and expectations of local citizens. Leading to a discrepancy between project implementation and people’s needs, often leading to public funds being spent on actors that are not in coherence with the beneficiaries, and investment would not circulate locally.

Our mission

is to drive collective action to build a more sustainable, inclusive economy with blockchain technology.

We aim to empower individuals, organizations and governments with the right systemic change frameworks that include all stakeholders, and design governance and business models with an impact-first approach.

We do this through the creation of open-source tools, frameworks and projects that are focused on enabling a broader definition of value, scaling impact investments and enabling the impact-economy through the creation of open-source projects to facilitate the movement towards a shared value and impact-driven economy.

We work on the crossing of technology, economy and sustainability and facilitate this through the creation of partnerships, coalitions or projects with key stakeholders.

Publications & Members:

civis blockchain new website

Active Member: 

UNECE Cotton and Leather Traceability Expert Group

IMF & Insureblocks working group for Nature-Based Solutions

Board members & management team

Hania Othman
Président (LinkedIn)
Nicolas Merle
Founding Board Member
Christine Rodwell
Board Member
Board Member

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